Buy Your Dream Wedding Dress

When you were a little girl you dreamed of marrying Prince Charming while you danced around the house with a pillow case streaming down your back. Of course, in your young and vivid imagination,ED Hardy it was actually a diamond tiara with a long flowing veil instead of a pillowcase.

You're wearing a billowing white gown with a train that goes on forever and puffy sleeves with pearls and crystals cascading down the arms. Ok, so it looks like something Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty might wear, but hey you were only seven.

Now you're all grown up and you finally get to plan that wedding and best of all, wear the wedding dress of your dreams. Sure, your dream dress has changed since you were seven, now you want elegant organza overlay gown with empire waist and the delicate sheer straps that highlight your low circular back. But unfortunately, the dress from youth did not have a price but your very real designer dress definitely does, tiffany jewelry and that price, is more than you can afford.

If there is one thing you can't skimp on, it's the dress. The problem is you don't have the funds just sitting around in your checking account. To get the money for your dream dress, an auto title loan can be just what you need.

Before you think, "Oh no. I can't do without my car", here's how it works: If you have a clear title to your car, you can apply for an auto title loan with no hassle and keep your car. Your credit is checked, but because you have collateral in the value of the car, it is not a deciding in factor in your approval.

This secure loan option is better than an unsecured one because the rates are lower and the terms are typically more flexible. Usually you have a lot longer to pay off a secured loan, plus you get to keep the car. Once approved, you may get up to 50 percent of the value of your vehicle to do with what you please including purchasing that once in a lifetime wedding dress of your dreams.

With the funds from the auto equity loan, you may even have enough left to get that tiara (with crystals instead of diamonds) and veil of your childhood dreams as well. Don't forget the shoes, stockings, earrings and other accessories that put the finishing touches on your wedding day ensemble. Alterations on your dream dress can also be quite pricey. Take what you are going to need, make your payments on time.

Because you get cash, Dancing Dresses you can spend the money wherever and on whatever your heart desires. Make that seven-year old little girl's dream come true and buy that wedding dress she's always wanted. You intend for this to be a one-time deal, so do it up right. Just picture yourself walking down the aisle towards your future husband in the dress of your dreams, beaming with joy, you'll start a new life. An auto equity loan can help make your dreams come true.

You didn't think you were ever going to go over budget with your wedding dress, but here it is, you have tried this expensive gown on and it is the one! With auto title loans, you can afford to buy your dream wedding dress without having to feel guilty.

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